Empowering Your Financial Future with Values-Based Planning

Money should serve as a tool to support the things that matter most to you. That’s why we offer a highly personalized approach to building ideas, suggestions, and plans that are tailored to your specific financial goals and objectives. With our customized services, we prioritize and adapt to your changing situation over time to help you work toward financial stability with confidence. Our team is committed to informing and supporting you through each and every meeting.

Whether you’re a pre-retiree, retiree, federal employee, small to midsize business owner, or in the wealth accumulation phase, we have the expertise to help you work toward your financial objectives.

Financial Planning Services

A solid financial plan, essential in pursuing your financial goals, will include a detailed overview of your current financial situation and the strategies you’ll implement. But values-based financial planning takes things to the next level. Rather than just focusing on accumulating wealth, it aligns your values with your financial strategy. Leveraging your wealth to support the things that matter most to you allows you to make a meaningful impact and live a more purposeful life.

Risk Management Insurance

An inevitable part of life, risk can have a significant impact on your financial security. Our goal is to minimize the potential financial and other losses that may arise from risks to your assets, health, or business. As your financial advisors, our role is to safeguard your financial well-being, which may entail helping you mitigate certain risks. We take proactive measures to manage risk so we can help you pursue your ideal financial future and experience greater peace.

Investment Planning

Investment management plays a pivotal role in any comprehensive financial plan, serving as a road map for prioritizing your financial objectives, such as building wealth and safeguarding your family’s financial stability. As your financial advisor, we’ll take the time to understand your individual goals and tailor strategies that align with your unique needs. Partnering together, we can help you work toward your financial aspirations and enjoy greater financial freedom.

Retirement Planning

Whether retirement is right around the corner or several years away, partnering with a financial advisor can be instrumental in setting realistic financial objectives as you plan for the next phase of life. We’ll work closely with you to understand your unique circumstances and develop strategies that help make your retirement dreams a reality. Through our collaboration, we can help prepare you financially for the next chapter and allow you to enjoy the retirement you’ve always envisioned.


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Fee-Only Schedule

Sovereign Wealth Management is a fee-only, independent advisory firm and does not sell investment products for a commission.

The Get Started Plan

$600* - Not Comprehensive

A simplified version of our Comprehensive Financial Plan. Schedule a consultation if you need financial guidance without investment management or ongoing advice.

Up to $250,000- 1.10 bps

$250,000 to $1,000,000- 1.00 bps

$1,000,000 to $5,000,00-.75 bps

$5,000,000 and Up- .50 bps

Ongoing Financial Planning & Investment Management

  • One-hour financial review meetings four times a year, once quarterly

  • Regular review and updates to your financial plan as your situation or goals change

  • Investment management

  • Unlimited access to an Advisor/Planning professional through telephone and email

The Comprehensive Financial Plan

$700 - $1,000*
  • Cash flow
  • Debt
  • Investments
  • Insurance
  • Education
  • Retirement
  • Estate Planning
  • Charitable Giving
  • Tax Planning
  • Other topics as needed

Meet with a Professional Investment Advisor either in person or via a video call to go over your financial plan in detail.

We’ll answer any questions related to your unique financial situation.

*If you proceed to open up an account that has a management fee, the financial plan fee will be refunded to you.

A client may choose to pay fees directly rather than having them deducted from their investment account.

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